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level. President Xi Jinping said the Communist Party of C〓hina (CPC) is willing to protect people's life an〓d health at all costs, as it always puts people's〓 interests first. In the face of a major epidemi〓c, the CPC has, from the very beginning, stated c〓learly that people's life and health should be pu〓t as the top priority, he said. Xi, also general 〓secretary of the CPC Central Committee and chairm〓an of the Central Military Commission, made the r〓emarks in a panel discussion with fellow deputies〓 from the delegation of Inner Mongolia Autonomous〓 Region, at the third session of the 13th Nationa〓l People's Congress on Friday. During the meeting〓, five deputies spoke on a variety of issues, suc〓h as eradicating poverty, protecting the ecology 〓of grassland, enhancing animal epidemic preventio〓n and promoting ethnic unity. Xi exchanged views 〓with these deputies. Xi said the CPC puts people'〓s interests in the first place under all circumst〓ances, without any particular interests of its ow〓n. When handling the COVID-19 epidemic, Xi said t〓he Party made clear that people's safety and heal〓th always come first. "Life is of paramount impor〓tance. This is a price we must pay, at any cost."〓 He stressed that the CPC should take a people-ce〓ntered approach in coordinating epidemic control 〓and socioeconomic development, and must rely on a〓nd mobilize Chinese people in regular epidemic co〓ntrol and economic recovery. The Party should end〓eavor to improve people's livelihood, he went on 〓to say. The Party's fundamental goal is for the C〓hinese people to live a better life, and it shoul〓d endeavor to address people's concerns such as e〓mployment, education, health care, housing, pensi〓on and food security, he said. Stressing on ethni〓c unity, Xi told deputies that Inner Mongolia is 〓China's first ever ethnic autonomous region at th〓e provincial level, and called for efforts to imp〓rove the way of governance and strengthen exchang〓es among ethW




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